We get it, sometimes you just need a fast answer!

If we can assist you, it can take a few weeks. It really depends on the individual situation and the lender as well as what the purpose of the loan is. If it is for a purchase it will be different from a refinance and if we are refinancing to payout another person or a discharging lender then they can also affect the time frames. We can give a better indication once we know more about your situation.

If we are running a scenario past a lender we generally run the situation past them not you personally. We will discuss income, the current situation and possibly the type of property and location, otherwise it is kept very general.

Often when making an enquiry with WhiteStar firstly a team member gathers some information for a more experienced team member and Broker. The initial team member will not give any advice on the options. We are unable to make any recommendations or give any advice until we have completed a full interview and gathered all the facts. This is a compliance obligation. Once a broker has a chat with you they may be able to indicate to you what options they think there are, however it will also be subject to confirming with some documentation.

The standard amount is approximately 10% minimum. This does depend though on whether you are a first home buyer or not, what the location of the property is and also if you need a specialist lender due to credit issues. We can’t actually say exactly how much of a deposit you will need without understanding your full situation. We do have a couple of options that may allow a lower deposit subject to lending criteria.

We often help people with defaults, paid and unpaid.  The options are less if there are defaults as fewer lenders accept defaults, however our aim is to only recommend a loan option if it is of benefit to our customers.  Spend some time reading our testimonials and you will see how many people we have helped with so many different situations. Everyone is unique.

Sometimes we charge a fee for our services. These fees are always disclosed to you before you decide to proceed with any application. The lenders fees and charges vary so much depending on the type of lender and the situation. However we also fully disclose all fees and charges in our Credit Quote and Proposal Document – All mortgage brokers should be providing this to you before you complete an application.

Unfortunately we cannot state an interest at the time of enquiry or on the website.  The rates change often and vary so much across the lenders.  We can say that we have prime everyday lender rates that are standard and very competitive. Sometimes, higher rates may be required depending on your situation.  WhiteStar will only make a recommendation if there is a benefit to you and the interest rate will also be disclosed in a Credit Quote and Proposal. We have products from more than 20 lenders.